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Valentine's Day Heart Flag Banner

We are all about lighting up the dead of winter with hearts and bright colors! This is a simple flag banner project that my daughter made up. It took about 30 minutes to put together with some simple materials we had on hand.



Card stock

Craft felt

Pom poms

Felt glue

Washi tape or tiny clothespins


Draw out your flags on card stock and cut. We made ours 3x6 inches. Each 8x11 sheet of card stock made 5 flags. I prefer an odd number of flags, so I only used 9.

We hang our banners in the same place for each holiday, so we have hooks we leave on the wall. Instead of measuring, I tie a loop on one side of the twine and hook it. Then, I pull the twine over to the other hook, cutting it the length I want. Then we tape our twine to the floor to figure out the layout of the flags. We decided to string pom poms on this decoration. (Tip: use a thick needle and string through the center of the pom pom so the fibers of the pom pom don't fall apart while you're stringing them.)

Next, we cut out the felt hearts. They are 1.5 inches wide. My daughter is really excited about embroidery lately, so she asked me to embroider around the edges of each heart. I did a simple line stitch. This took a little extra time, but seeing it all together, I really like it. (She's always right about these things!) We attached the hearts with felt glue.

We initially clipped our flags to the twine with tiny clothespins, but Elodie wanted to use glitter tape instead. The clothespins made it easy for her to do the taping by herself, so that worked out well.

All finished! We hung this over our window seat, but the flags are small, so it would also look great on a fireplace mantle!



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