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Super Cute Owl Pinecone Project!

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

Everyone loves owls! Here is an easy way to make them!! We might not be able to stop...especially because of these other pinecone projects we love! Also check out that link to see how we study a little sacred geometry while we transform our pinecones.



Felting wool

Craft felt


Googly eyes

Pipe cleaners

Hot glue

Felt glue

Jewelry wire + string (if you're hanging your owl)

Paint (optional)

Glitter (optional)


Paint your pinecone and sprinkle with glitter (optional). Let it dry.

Pull your felting wool into strands and tuck between the pinecone petals. We used a BBQ skewer to tuck the wool (a pencil works too). We also made a crown out of a pipe cleaner while we waited for the paint to dry. You can see how we made the four points of the crown below. The pipe cleaner was the perfect length to make the crown, actually. Love when that happens!

Cut out your craft felt shapes for the wings, eyes and beak. You can experiment with different sized eyes and beaks to get the look you want. We did feather eyelashes by cutting small sections of a purple feather and attaching with felt glue. I also like glueing small feathers to the stop of the head to make cutie little tufts (see other owl pictured above). For those, glue the feathers directly to the pinecone.

Attach your googly eyes to the felt (the bigger the eyes the better, in my opinion). Create your wings. You could also cut out felt in fish scale shapes or glue colorful feathers to add extra dimension and color to the wings.

Heat up your glue gun and begin assembling the owl. I started with the face, placing a small dot of glue on the felt and placing it on the owl. Use tweezers if you want to be extra careful to keep your fingers out of the hot glue. You can place the wings up or glue them flat against the pinecone. I also hot glued 4 glass beads to the top of the crown and then attached the crown to the top of the pinecone.

Optional: hot glue a loop made of jewelry wire or string to the back for hanging.



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