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Skeleton Tape Resist Project

Counting down the days to Halloween takes ages (according to my youngest)! Making Halloween art helps.

I've seen some cool life-sized versions of this project on huge paper. We wanted to try a little one (our walls are getting pretty full!). My daughter loves how this came out. It was easy to put together and she had fun.

We used cardstock with the hope that it would hold up better to the tape and paint. We did have a few places where the top layer of the paper came up, but even my perfectionist didn't mind (yay!). Pro tips: try not to press the tape down too firmly; allow the paint to completely dry before you pull up the tape very slowly.



Masking tape

Black paint

Gold glitter glue (optional)


I made a simple design with masking tape. Because of the small scale, I had to cut my tape into thinner strips for the bones. I used thicker masking tape to cut the top of the head and the eye sockets, but regular masking tape would work fine too.

I taped a frame around the paper to give it a finished look. It's also easier to paint when it's held in place.

We did gold glitter glue for the eyes and then painted our entire paper black with acrylic paint to give it a little sheen (as opposed to matte tempura paints).

Let your painting fully dry and then slowly peel the tape.

She is super proud to display this one!



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