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Whimsical + Magical Photo Art

Updated: Sep 29, 2018

This project has endless possibilities for creativity. The kids love to see crowns, capes and fairy wings on themselves, surrounded by glittery, colorful light. They are also great for homemade gifts and cards. My son (age 12) can make these on his own. My daughter (age 6) acts more like an art director. I do the drawings and she colors them and paints with the glitter glue.

My favorite company for photo prints is Artifact Uprising. You can have a square print set made on thick cardstock with a matte finish, which is the perfect surface for adding your designs. Polaroids would also be great for this project.

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White pen (best one!)


Look for inspiration from your photo. What are the most interesting aspects? Can you play with the light in the photo? What colors will you add? What magical elements do you want to incorporate? Maybe give the subject in the photo super powers! Crowns, capes, fairy wings, magic wands? Maybe draw an imaginary creature in the photo. The most important part is to have fun!

Here is another project for printing out your photos at home.

Directions: Cut out the subject in your photo. Create a background for your photo. This is a simple one my 6-year old did by herself with oil pastels.

Older children can create a more complicated design, such as the one pictured below:

Put glue stick on the back of your photo and roll flat.

Get creative with glitter, stickers, jewels, painted macaroni--anything you have on hand.



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