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LOVE!! Four Favorite Valentine's Day Crafts

Valentine's Day has never been my favorite... until I had kids who love to make pretty things!!! Keep reading for our tutorials.

Boho Heart Fox


Card stock

Pom pom

Craft jewels (or glitter or sequins)



Cut out one large and one medium-sized heart from card stock. Cut out four triangles for the ears (one pair of triangles is slightly smaller to fit inside the other pair). Assemble your shapes as shown above and glue. Draw your eyes or use googly eyes, attach a nose (pom pom or circle cut from felt or paper) and design your crown. We used craft jewels, but glitter and/or sequins would look equally awesome!

Rainbow Unicorn


Card stock

Glitter tape

Googly eyes



Cut out the shapes, as shown above: 1 large heart, 2 small hearts; 1 triangle horn; 1 oval; 2 ear shapes. Wrap the horn in glitter tape (or color with markers or glitter + glue). Assemble your shapes as shown and glue.

Homemade Dot Art Valentines



Dot Markers



Cut out a heart and gently tape to your paper (we used masking tape). Make circles all over the exposed paper with dot markers. Remove heart when finished. Decorate with sequins, glitter, craft jewels, whatever you fancy! Personalize your valentine for someone special!

LOVE Wall Hanging

We spent a morning putting this together, and I'm feeling the L-O-V-E! We love this decoration for Valentine's Day, but I think it has been promoted to a permanent decoration in my daughter's room after the holiday is over.





Felt triangle arrowhead


Washi tape


Felt glue

Hot glue

Ribbon and/or string


Cut your letters from cardboard. Mine are 6 inches tall and 4 inches wide. The most important part is to make the letters the same width so they look even when stacked on top of each other. We did a tutorial on making these letters here.

Cut your arrowhead from craft felt or card stock. I attached the arrowhead and feathers with hot glue.

Design your letters. We used yarn and pom poms. We secured the yarn ends and covered the corners with washi tape. I recommend using a thick layer of felt glue for the pompoms. We used a paint brush to get the glue into an even layer. It also helps to gently press the pompoms while they dry so they securely adhere to the glue. Place the letters under a book for 20 minutes (not too heavy or the pompoms will be smushed flat).

Once we finished our letters, we used hot glue to attach loops to the top of the L and O as well as the ribbon holding the letters together. Not pictured here is the ribbon attaching the bottom of the L and the O. We realized the L hung a bit crooked and needed some support on the bottom.

Lie the letters on the table and make them even. Tie string through the loops and attach to the stick. Also tie string for hanging the stick. I found I needed to adjust the strings holding the letters, so make those extra long and trim once you get them where you want them. I hung it on the wall and made the small tweaks to balance everything out.

All finished!

Also check out our Heart Flag Banner project that's perfectly sized for the wall or mantle!

And we finish off our Valentine's Day crafting extravaganza with a celebratory cocktail of sparkling grape or apple juice with sliced strawberries!

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