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Jack-o'-lantern Banner Decoration

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

This Halloween banner was fun to create! My daughter wants to use it year after year, and it should hold up if stored carefully. We used supplies you probably have at your house right now. You can get as elaborate as you like with your designs. We kept ours simple (that kind of day around here). But stickers or jewels, a border of glitter glue, painting a background color before stamping are all cool additions.


Pages from an old book (or any paper you have on hand)

Potato cut in half

Orange tempura paint

Elmer's glue

Black construction paper

Twine (or yarn)

Washi tape

Glitter tape (optional)


Cut out your flags. I cut one the size I wanted and then used it to trace the lines for the others. I like how an odd number of flags looks (we made 7).

Find the most pumpkin-y potato you have and cut it in half. Stamp your flags with orange paint.

Elodie likes to smooth out the paint after stamping. I really like the uneven, stamped look, but not my project!

While the paint is drying, cut out your eyes and mouths. We like to make many expressions on the jack o'lanterns. We gave one heart eyes this time, as well. Star eyes would also be super cute, but just thought of it now. I cut out the eyes and mouths and let Elodie match them up.

For the stems, we cut a small section of green glitter tape. You could also use paint, glitter glue or cut them from construction paper.

Next, I hung the hooks for the banner. To make sure it hung the way I wanted, I tied a loop in one end of the twine and attached it to one of the hooks. I walked the twine over to the other hook and cut it the length I wanted (instead of measuring, which eludes me at times!).

I tied a loop in the other end (and made sure my twine reached both of my hooks). Then, I taped the twine to the floor to begin assembling the flags.

We used gold washi tape to attach the flags. You could also punch two holes and string them or use those cute little clothes pins from the craft store.

Now it's time to hang your jack o'lantern banner! Happy Halloween!

Elodie explaining to her dad all the steps of how this project was made.



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