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Felt Christmas Ornaments

We had so much fun making these ornaments in many shapes--you're only limited by the number of cookie cutters you have at home. We embroidered them and stuffed them with lavender and cloves, as well. We gave most of them away as gifts but kept a couple for our tree! These also work great as a satchel of lavender for dresser drawers.


Sheets of wool felt

Cookie cutters

Embroidery hoop

Embroidery floss and thread

Beads, sequins, bells, anything that sparkles

Needles (two sizes to fit the floss and single thread to sew on small pieces like sequins)

Pencil or pen to trace the cookie cutter

Fiber fill

Dried lavender and cloves

Ribbons or pretty string for hanging


  1. Trace your cookie cutter onto the felt. We used an embroidery hoop to hold our felt, but it's optional.

  2. Stitch your designs onto your shape. We added beads, sequins and tiny bells. Sometimes we sketched out our designs on scrap paper beforehand.

  3. Cut out your shape, leaving about 1/4 inch around the stenciled line. You are going to do a line stitch along that line and will need the extra fabric.

  4. Trace your cut out shape onto your wool felt to make the back of the ornament. Cut it out.

  5. Place the two cut pieces of felt together and do a line stitch, following the stencil line you made at the beginning. Leave an inch or so unstitched to allow the stuffing and dried lavender or cloves.

  6. Stuff your ornament and stitch closed.

  7. Stitch a loop of ribbon or pretty string for hanging.

Some of our other finished projects!



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