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Beautiful Letter Art!

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

Super cute and can be as bedazzled as you want!

This project is great for letter recognition, fine motor skills and makes a killer decoration! My daughter made this for her room, but I predict we will make more as gifts because this was fun and simple.

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Draw and cut out your letter from the cardboard.

I set out a selection of materials. My daughter will sometimes use a ton of stuff (especially beads!), so I only set out only what I want her to use.

Tie the end of your yarn to the letter and begin to wrap.

Each letter will have it's challenges. Anyway, we had to be creative with coverage on the corners, and the washi tape worked well. Paint or some glue and glitter would also work well.

We punched holes for the embroidery thread that will hold our beads and pompoms. You could also hang nature items like acorns, leaves, pine cones and small stones. Some other good ideas: small toys, such as superheroes or toy soldiers, or glass rocks and shells for a beachy theme.

Once you've wrapped your letter, you can always add more pompoms!

This project was especially interesting to kitties!

At first, we tied yarn to the holes and began glueing pompoms. It was difficult to get the pompoms to stick to the strands of yarn. My daughter soon proclaimed that it was super annoying and she hated it! We decided to switch to embroidery thread and a needle! We also cut out a felt heart to hang from the bottom of the center string.

This needle was very sharp, but she quickly got the hang of it. I reminded her to hold the sides of the pompom as she pushed the needle through. She was very excited and said she felt like she was sewing!

Make patterns with pompoms and beads or just hang whatever you like! This would be adorable any way you put it together.

Tie a string to the top of your letter and hang or attach to the wall with washi tape. This is one of our new favorites! I hope you will try it and let us know how it came out.



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